Tournament management

  • Live Golf Scoring enables participants to arrange their personal subscription including automated collection of participant fees.
  • Automatically generate flights based on playing handicap.
  • Specify gender, age or any other sub-category within a tournament.

Recorders / markers

  • Assign recorders to enter the scores for a pre-set number of holes during a tournament. Scores can easily be submitted by making use of the online application.

Easy to use

  • Live Golf Scoring is optimized for PC, tablet and smartphone usage.
  • Clear, modern and intuitive userinterface.
  • We offer full support with user manuals and FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions). 
  • Grant or revoke access to co-organisers without effort.


  • Promote sponsors on selected tournament- and leaderboardpages.
  • Distuinguish primary and secondary sponsors.


  • Make use of the online browser app on your tablet, smartphone or PC to access the configuration screen or leaderboards. Leaderboards allow your visitors and players to experience the excitement of golf like never before!


  • Live leaderboard displaying the results per hole.
  • Online access via LGS or your own public website.
  • The playing handicap is deducted directly (currently only available in Netherlands)


  • Live Golf Scoring enables the audience, the participants and the organisation to experience any tournament unlike ever before!
  • Standings are published via the LGS website and are publically accessible. Optional: live leaderboard tracking on the widescreen TV in the clubhouse.


  • Analyse the number of leaderboard visitors.
  • Give your sponsors insights in the exposure rate of various pages.